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About us

The minds behind "lumentics"

Under the brands lumentics and lumentify, we are intensively engaged in the topics of energy storage and sustainability. We pursue the goal of reducing energy and raw material consumption in the long term through the use of self-sufficient light sources and enabling a greener future.

In doing so, we relied on photoluminescent (phosphorescent) materials. Pure strontium aluminate powders (SrAl2O4) form the basis of our portfolio of sustainable products. Building on a selection of the brightest and longest-lasting photoluminescent materials currently available, we create sustainable luminescent products, such as orientation lights or paintable luminescent paints, to "light up the night".

Furthermore, we would like to stimulate and establish the benefits, the uncomplicated use and the spread of regenerative light sources through public exchange.

Sustainable luminosity in highest premium quality

Our claim is simple: we only settle for the best. The lumentics team constantly evaluates quality requirements so that we basically only offer premium quality. lumentics premium products offer the brightest and longest-lasting night light particles currently available on the market. Our energy storage devices for light are sustainable and enable a reduction of energy and raw material consumption in the long term.

gehostet mit 100% Ökostrom von      

Also important to us, as an online retailer, is the use of resources in terms of packaging and shipping. We use shipping packaging, padding, labeling and product packaging made from recycled/sustainable materials whenever possible and avoid the use of plastics as much as possible.

We support bright ideas!

The colors and granules in particular fire the imagination of creative people of all ages, because by simply mixing them in, a wide variety of materials and handicrafts can be "illuminated" to great effect. We are all the more open to cooperations with artists and artistic projects. Inquiries gladly by mail to:

Trust and secure data storage

Your data is important and a highly valuable personal asset. Protecting this is also a task for us as a retailer. Protecting this asset is not just an empty phrase for us, but part of our guiding principles and corporate culture. Security is important, whether on the product level or in dealing with your/customer-related data. Therefore, we use German IT providers and digital service providers as far as possible. You can find more information on our privacy policy.



Dr. Falko Böttger-Hiller & Lars Ehrhardt Leuchtstoffe GbR are currently working on the creation of demonstration projects, instructions for use and explanatory videos for a self-developed innovative granulate for light storage.

The innovation-supporting, creative economy services are funded by the Free State of Thuringia under the number 2018 IKD 0089 and co-financed by funds of the European Union within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

On the way to new switchable particles, Dr. Falko Böttger-Hiller & Lars Ehrhardt Leuchtstoffe GbR are supported in a feasibility study for R&D projects. The project underlying these results is funded by the Free State of Thuringia under the number 2018 IDS 0088 and co-financed by European Union funds under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Best regards, your team from lumentics
Dr. Falko Böttger-Hiller & Lars Ehrhardt