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Ratio calculator

With our calculator we offer you the possibility to estimate the required luminescent powder admixture of your project. Based on the starting material and the amount of carrier material, we offer you 3 different result options. These recommendations are based on several years of experience, directly from practice.

But: Each project is different and may also need to be treated in different ways. We recommend basically to start with "Optimal" and then, depending on the result, you can readjust.

Calculation of the ratio of luminescent pigment to carrier material

  1. Choice of your base material
  2. Quantity of base material
    Attention: For epoxy resin please enter the total amount of resin + hardener.
  3. Selection of the desired admixture


Result: You need gramm luminous pigments for admixture in

Note: Depending on the application, the ideal admixture may vary. For superficial application, a slightly higher admixture should always be used. For filling applications, an economical admixture may be sufficient. We recommend always testing in advance on a smaller scale.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have:


Note on the ratio calculator:

Our calculator has been developed from years of experience to show you a first approach to mixing our luminescent pigments into a wide variety of substrates. Practice shows us again and again that plans/ideas/projects can be very different. Therefore, please understand and use the calculator as a first indication for the best possible result of your project.