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Luminous Granules - Blue - 1mm - 100g Professional Luminous Granules

Luminous Granules - Blue - 1mm - 100g Professional Luminous Granules
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  • granulat-pink-pink-1mm-100g
  • 0308175409094
  • Glow in the dark color granules, phosphorescent color granules, glow in the dark decoration, glow stones (approx. 0.5mm) (100g, Blue)
lumentics Afterglow Sand/Glow Granules Glow in the dark color granules, phosphorescent color... more
Product information "Luminous Granules - Blue - 1mm - 100g Professional Luminous Granules"

lumentics Afterglow Sand/Glow Granules

Glow in the dark color granules, phosphorescent color granules, glow in the dark decoration, glow stones (approx. 0.5mm) (100g, Blue)

Best luminous granules

With us you get some of the strongest luminous granules you can find on the market. Our offered professional granules are based on strontium aluminate and are characterized by an immensely higher and longer luminosity compared to other luminous granules. At the same time, our granules are absolutely non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals. We only offer luminescent granules that are tested and evaluated for the best possible luminosity (continuously).

There are almost no limits to the areas of application: The luminous stones are ideal as a base material for many creative activities such as decorating, handicrafts and much more. Interesting also in the manufacturing industry such as painters, decorating professions, horticulturists, gardeners or stonemasons.

Other possible uses include in garden gravel, in flower pots, incorporated into stair treads or marble window sills.

Lighting duration 

All the stones/granules we offer glow in the dark for more than 8 hours.

Information compact

  • PREMIUM QUALITY FOR PROFESSIONALS: Luminescent granules for photoluminescence. 100g afterglow granules in practical polybag. Glow granules with very high luminosity.
  • LONG LIGHTING DURATION and HIGHEST LIGHTING POWER: Very long-lasting glow granules. Luminosity for more than 12 hours. 10 to 20 times stronger and longer luminous period than conventional glow granules or glow pebbles.
  • BEST PROCESSING POSSIBILITIES: Very temperature resistant. Processable up to approx. 300 degrees. The granules can be processed in all carriers.
  • SYNONYME: Glow pellets, afterglow pebbles, night glow granules, glow decor, glow pebbles, afterglow granules, glow stones, black light granules, glow pebbles, glow pellets, glow stones
  • SAFE and DURABLE: Our pebbles are non-toxic and free from hazardous chemicals. Free from radioactive substances. No known wear and tear. Luminous stable for at least 16 years. Can also be used outdoors by means of solvent-based carriers.


  • Is the granulate safe?
    Yes. The granules are absolutely non-toxic and free of hazardous chemicals or radioactive substances.
  • Why shouldn't I just buy cheaper?
    Do not buy phosphorescent materials whose luminous period will disappoint you. Based on so-called "strontium aluminates", our phosphorescent granules are far superior to conventional and well-known phosphorescent materials in luminosity and luminous duration.
  • Are the granules rechargeable?
    Yes, the powder can be recharged at any time and by any type of light (e.g. sun, flashlight, etc.). We recommend sunlight, because the pigments are charged the fastest and strongest by UV radiation. The material has a durability of at least 15 years. 



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Properties "Luminous Granules - Blue - 1mm - 100g Professional Luminous Granules"
Use case: For epoxy/resin, For clear carrier fluids, For sprinkling and filling, Mould making, Silicone objects, Candle making, Special effects
Color by light: Pink
Color in the dark: Pink
Content: 100 g
Pigment size: ca. 0,5 mm
Pigment material: Europium / dysprosium doped strontium aluminate
Material type: Granulat
Possible carriers: Resin, Epoxy resin, Varnish, Adhesive, Glue, Wax, Kleister, Paint, Resin, Reactive resins, Glass, Lithium water glass, Rubber, Modelling clay, Plaster
Processing ideas: River Table, Resin tables, Resin art, Harzkunst, Glow in the Dark Table, Light table, Art, Crafting, Decoration, Embellishment
Suitable for: DIY, Hobby, Craft, Arts, Industry
Target group: Women, Men, Children, Trade, Craftsman, Artist, Hobbyist, Industry
Downloads "Luminous Granules - Blue - 1mm - 100g Professional Luminous Granules"
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How to apply the night glow granules?

You can sprinkle the granules loosely as glow decor or mix them with clear paints and adhesives. Likewise, the pebbles can be placed on top of drying paints, resins, concrete, etc. Press the glow pebbles only lightly into the solidifying surface so that they do not sink.

How long do the Premium Glow Granules glow?

Due to outstanding product quality, photoluminescence of 8 to 12 hours is possible with our professional granules. 

Do the glow granules also work in water, e.g. for making a snow globe?

Small granules (0.5 - 2mm) dissolve in water and lose their luminosity. In this case our glow powders are a good alternative, they also glow in water.

The large-grained glow granules (4 - 8 mm) are set in synthetic resin and are insensitive to water and liquids containing solvents.

Are there differences in the luminosity of the granules due to the grain size?

Basically, the larger the particle size, the brighter the glow granules. The pebbles with a grain size of 0.5 - 2 mm are still somewhat brighter than the very finely ground glow powder.

In the granules with 4-8 mm diameter, the night glow powder is bound in resin. Therefore, their maximum luminosity is comparable to the powder and lasts for 12 hours.

What are the areas of application?

Depending on which grain size you choose, the granules can be used as decorative sand, for working into or applying to walls, furniture, plant soil and decorations. Practically they can be used for all areas of handicrafts, decorating and for special effects.

Can the granular granules also be incorporated into glass, concrete, clay, etc.?

The self-luminous color grains are heat and cold resistant and can be heated up to 1,000 degrees Celsius after processing in various materials. For more details, please refer to the respective article descriptions.

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